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Projects in enterprise

Here you will find some of the works that I can show I did for my company. Note that this list is not complete, as some projects are confidential, and this list represents a small part of all the work I was brought to do. I mostly work in team so here I will explain what I did in each project.

Eco-Nect Salini-Groupe

Enterprise cloud

Noisy-le-Sec's Website

City hall website

Tiki'Labs' website

Showcase site

Salini-Groupe's website

Site vitrine

Salini-Immobilier's website

Showcase site

Servers management


Independant and personal projects

Here you will find all the project I did independtly and / or personally. In most of them, I did the work from A to Z.

Helena Cailleaux's V2 Portfolio


Helena Cailleaux's V1 Portfolio


My Owncloud

Linux cloud server

CHEA Alumni Association

Showcase Site

My 1st portfolio


Dear God

Humoristic Website

And how about this portfolio ?

If you bet it is made with WordPress, you lost ! It is entirely made with Jekyll, a static site generator made in Ruby. By taking well structured elements written in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MarkDown, Liquid and other languages, it generates a totally static site, even though the code behind is dynamic. 0 server operations (except serving the site of course), 0 database. Based on the templace ‘Agency’, under Apache License, I modified the template and the original structure to get to this result.

Pixel Art

I’ve always been attracted to old school graphics, I think it has an authentic charm, it also reminds me of my childhood, especially japanese RPG, which gave the the will to do some Pixel Art myself. For now, it’s mainly characters, but there is a big landscape design in progress.

Daft Punk VS

Daft Punk Fusion

Super Daft Punk Bros

Daft Punk, another style

Pixel Panda

Super Panda


Iron Man

About me

Sam, 26, full stack web developper, I know my way around, but I still have a lot to learn ! And that’s what is thrilling in IT, it’s certainely that you never stop. Discover my journey up until here, and maybe we will do the following together ? ;)

  • 2009

    Arriving in France at 18 years old.

    Coming from Madagascar, it's in Paris and its suburbs where my journey begins and still goes on today.

  • 2009 - 2011

    Communication services & networks - Technological diploma / Ibis Budget

    I do my first two years of studies at the institute of technology of Marne la Vallée, in a very varied training giving skills in the domains of communication and multimedia. Having a preference for the IT, I continue in this domain.

    Thristy for independance, and in order to finance my studies, I work as night shift at the Ibis Budget of Villeneuve le Roi during my second year.

  • 2011 - 2013

    IBM / Epita

    Having taken taste in IT, I continue my curriculum at EPITA, and in apprenticeship with IBM. Realizing I prefere code to pure and full depth IT, I change my orientation towards a more code oriented education.

  • 2013 - 2014

    Valeo / UPSud / Ibis

    I enroll at the University Paris Sud, in apprenticeship with Valeo. After a few months, my missions not matching my expectations, I decide to take a break in order to bounce back in a better way, during which I work as a receptionist at Ibis Porte de Bercy.

  • 2014 - 2017

    Totemis / F2I

    Then I follow a full web training at F2I, in apprenticeship with a web agency : Totemis. It's finaly there that I find myself and come into bloom, confirming my passion for this domain, by learning a lot of things about this profession, also by taking advantage of all the things I have learned before which were clearly not lost.

  • 2017 →

    On the lookout for new opportunities !

    Ideally, I would like my next adventure to be in an innovative project, human sized. I like challenges and conviviality.